AC Tune-Up Services in Myrtle Beach, SC

Property owners must set up maintenance services for their AC system, and they will get more use-value out of their systems. The product warranty outlines all the routine maintenance services required for the AC system, and if the property owner doesn’t follow these instructions, they may void their warranty and lose coverage.

HVAC professionals understand the next steps for completing maintenance services, and they will complete the steps as directed. If any of the components are failing, the technician will recommend replacement services and give the property owner a complete estimate for the services. If the AC system has failed, they can provide guidance for the property owner and shows the property owner what units are available to them.

Seasonal Cleaning Services

An AC Tune-Up in Myrtle Beach, SC starts with seasonal cleaning services that eliminate all debris inside the unit and vacuum leaves and dirt effectively. They will use appropriate chemicals to clean away all the debris on each component. In between seasons, dirt, leaves, and other debris accumulate inside the units, and the debris could cause a blockage that prevents proper airflow throughout the AC system.

Lubricating All the Moving Parts

AC Maintenance Service also includes lubricating the moving parts to prevent them from grinding together. If the components are not lubricated properly, they will become damaged quickly while operating, and the property owner will have to set up replacement services for the components. The cost of component replacements could increase the cost of maintaining the AC system and could make it unaffordable for the property owner to cool their home.

Changing Out the Air Filters

The air filter must be changed appropriately, or the system will become clogged with buildup. The property owner will need to change it out at least once a month unless they have pets or a higher concentration of dust in their home. If they have pets, it may be advantageous to change out the air filters at least twice a month to manage debris more effectively. The HVAC provider can recommend better air filters if the property owner doesn’t know the correct size to use with their system.

Testing the Thermostat

By testing the thermostat, the technicians determine if it is in proper working order, and if the thermostat isn’t working correctly it is time to replace it. By upgrading the thermostat, the property owner could get better energy efficiency and better control over their cooling costs.

They can program the thermostat to operate the AC system at a specific temperature at different times of the day or night. They can decrease the total cost of cooling their homes and allow them to run at a higher temperature when they aren’t home.

Evaluating the Ductwork

The ductwork must be intact and shouldn’t have any cracks or leaks, but if there are any signs of damage, the property owner must set up repair services. Damaged ductwork allows air to leak underneath the property, and the property will not stay at a comfortable temperature.

If the ductwork is too small for the HVAC system, the property owner will need to set up a new installation to get the full benefits of their cooling system. The HVAC professionals will measure the property and determine what ductwork is best for the property, and they will provide a complete estimate for the new installation.

Where to Get AC Services

AIR Professionals present residential property owners in their service area with exceptional HVAC services, and the service provider completes critical tasks such as inspections, repairs, routine maintenance, and brand-new installations. The company has been in business since 1951, and they offer guaranteed services for all property owners. Property owners can learn more about setting up an AC Tune-Up by contacting the service provider directly for an appointment today.

Property owners must set up maintenance services for the AC systems to keep them working properly and avoid system failures. The manufacturer outlines the recommended maintenance tasks for eliminating issues that could prevent the system from operating as expected. The routine maintenance steps start with seasonal cleaning services to eliminate debris and gives the property owner a fresh start on the season.

HVAC professionals set up the routine maintenance services according to the homeowner’s schedule, and they will complete an inspection and test all components for issues. The service providers will lubricate moving parts and replace any components that are falling. If the system itself is no longer viable, they will provide the homeowner with assistance in finding a new system to accommodate their cooling needs.