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Your number one electrical contractor in Suffolk County, New York

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    A Few Electrical Services We offer

    We provide top of the line electrical services in your area. Select one of our services below to learn more about the work and guarantees we offer.


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    Electrical Panels

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    Welcome to HomeOps

    We’re family owned and operated, so we trust our techs, but we know you need convincing. We background check and drug test each employee for your safety and comfort. Our team of licensed, expert electricians are available to fix your electrical problem anytime, day or night. Call today for 24/7 emergency service you can count on.

    HomeOps helping to meet you needs

    The friendly reps at our live call center will give you a call before and after service to make sure our Home Ops techs get the job done right the first time.

    Searching For a Dependable Electrical Contractor?

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