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Cooling and Air Circulation with Fans, Vents, Air Exchangers, and More!

The key to a healthy and energy-efficient home is proper ventilation and air movement. You can improve your health and indoor comfort by replacing hot, stale indoor air with cooler outdoor air. And when outdoor temperatures exceed indoor temperatures, you can stay cool and increase air circulation with freestanding or ceiling fans.

It’s important to evaluate your ventilation needs after any extensive air sealing or insulation project. Take advantage of the expertise at Home Ops to properly plan for ventilation and air exchange.

Our team is trained for the installation or repair of any electrical equipment in your home, and all of our technicians maintain an ongoing training schedule to stay current on modern technologies and methods. Whether you need gable vents, air exchangers, ceiling fans, or bathroom exhaust fans, we have the tools and training to meet your needs. Home Ops is here to address all your ceiling fan and ventilation concerns.

Ceiling Fan Repair and Replacement

Ceiling fans use next to no electricity to operate and they can make the house feel significantly cooler. With the help of the wind-chill effect, you can turn your thermostat up about four degrees without sacrificing indoor comfort and save yourself quite a bit of money — more than enough to cover the cost of running the ceiling fan.

Additionally, ceiling fans can also save money and energy in winter. By reversing the direction of the ceiling fan, you can create an updraft that brings warm air near the ceiling down into the living space. This is why you often see large ceiling fans in rooms with high ceilings.

While many people think that ceiling fan installation is an easy do-it-yourself project, they may be surprised to find out that it involves a lot more than connecting a wire or two. Besides the danger of working with electrical wiring, proper ceiling fan installation requires delicate adjustments to make sure it is secure and running smoothly. Too often, DIY ceiling fan installations wobble, make a lot of noise, and are unsafe.

For help choosing, installing, and repairing a ceiling fan, contact the qualified electricians at Home Ops.

Ventilation Services

With today’s tight, insulated homes, proper air movement and ventilation is more important than ever. While specialized sealants and energy-efficient doors and windows are great for reducing heating and cooling bills, too much-trapped air inside the home can lead to lots of problems, including moisture, odors, and chemicals.

Every home needs a constant exchange of fresh air. Contact Home Ops today for a free consultation on the most efficient ways to move fresh air through your home.

Bathroom Vents

Bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans are an important part of your home’s ventilation system. They remove odors and moisture produced from cooking and cleaning to prevent mold and other damage. Building codes dictate how these mechanical ventilation systems should be installed. If your bathroom fan is not working or so loud that you refuse to use it, speak with Home Ops about today’s quiet and powerful options.

Gable Vents

The venting louvers help protect your interior from excess moisture and provide optimum ventilation. Our gable vents come in many shapes and sizes, including square and rectangular, circular, and triangular. We also provide custom designs to fit any architectural style.

Attic Vents and Fans

Attic fans help solve the problem of a hot and stuffy attic by pulling in fresh air through the roof vents, forcing hot air outside. This exchange of air is great for preventing moisture problems and keeping your attic and house cool in the summer.

There are several options to consider when installing attic vents and fans, including:

  • Stationary vents
  • Wind turbines
  • Motorized power vents (triggered by a thermostat)
  • Solar-powered attic vent fans
  • Models for both roof and gable mounting

Garage Blowers

Home Ops offers the latest in garage blower fans, attic fans, and wall mount fans. Don’t worry about airborne contaminants and damage to your vehicles and equipment. Our garage fans work to keep your garage or workshop cool and well ventilated.

Air Exchangers

One potential drawback of ventilation systems is that when fresh air is pulled inside, so is the accompanying heat or cold. To cut down on this energy loss, heat-recovery ventilators (HRV) and energy-recovery ventilators (ERV) are designed to extract heat from one of the air streams to heat the other air stream. In addition to heat, ERVs also exchange moisture between incoming and outgoing air streams.

Whole-House Fans

Powerful whole-house fans flush your home with cool, night air while removing hot indoor air through gable or roof vents. Not to be confused with attic fans, whole-house fans are usually installed in the attic next to a sidewall opening. Speak with the professionals at Home Ops for help selecting and sizing the fan, and making sure you have enough ventilation for proper air circulation.

If you are looking for reputable, certified electricians in the Port Jefferson area, you can trust Home Ops and our money-back guarantee on all services. Breathe easy with our fan and ventilation products and services. We offer a wide range of fan and ventilator products. If you are looking for a specific ventilation service that’s not listed, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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