Port Jefferson, New York Smoke Detectors

You can probably count on one hand the number of things that drive you more nuts than a beeping smoke detector. You know it isn’t stopping until you do something about it, but that means you’ve got to go drag a chair out of the kitchen and balance while that thing just keeps beeping.

That beeping, though, can save your life. Smoke detectors are one of the most important devices in your home, and without them, the smallest flame could pose a serious risk. Change the batteries often and test them once a month to ensure they will be operational should disaster strike.

It’s good to have as many detectors as possible. Smoke can travel anywhere, and while a handful of smoke detectors is good to have, we recommend installing at least one on every floor in addition to one in every sleeping area.

CO Detector Installation

There’s another dangerous gas that could lurk in your home. Unlike smoke, carbon monoxide – or CO – is an odorless, colorless gas that is nearly impossible to detect. It’s produced by things like combustion engines as well as anything that gives off heat, and CO poisoning accounted for nearly 400 deaths in 2015 alone, per the CDC.

But with a CO detector, you can catch this gas in its tracks before it has the chance to harm your family. We can help install one in your home and guide you through the specifics of how it works.

When you trust Home Ops to safeguard you and your home, it’s like you’re enlisting another member of the family. We are committed to helping you and yours stay safe and comfortable, year-round.