Palm Desert, CA Professional Furnace Installation Services

When you are ready for a new furnace, an expert can make sure the unit is properly fitted to your home and they’ll get it all set up for you so that it’s ready for winter use. The professionals can assist you in choosing the best size and kind of furnace for your house. Regardless if your family is picking out a furnace unit for a new home build, or just replacing an older existing one in the home, an experienced professional can be relied upon to make sure the entire process goes smoothly.

Furnace Installation Choices

Now it is possible to choose from many types of furnaces for a house. There are a lot of homeowners that now choose to get a similar furnace as a replacement. Considering a more energy efficient unit, however, is a good idea, and will save you money over time. The following is a compilation of the most common types of furnaces used in homes today.


Electric furnaces are designed with electric heating elements that heat the air. The furnace then uses a blower to blow the air through the duct and the ventilation in individual areas. Electric heaters will in general be smaller than other kinds of units and less expensive. Depending on the local cost of electricity, however, they can often be more expensive to operate.


Furnaces fueled by natural gas are getting the gas from a municipal gas line, which is ignited in the burner where it becomes combustion gas. That’s how the air coming through a gas furnace is heated. Gas furnaces, like furnaces that run on electricity, deliver warm air throughout a home via HVAC ductwork.

Electric furnaces are expensive in terms of electric billing, whereas gas furnaces can be pocket-friendly in use depending on the cost price of gas locally. The potential downside is that gas furnaces typically require more maintenance than electric furnaces. A well maintained gas furnace may give you as much as ten years more use than an electric furnace.


If you don’t have access to a natural gas line, you can use a furnace fueled by oil to heat your home. It is known that an oil furnace is a bit less efficient than a gas furnace.

These three types of furnaces are the most popular forms of heating these days. However, there are other options apart from just these three types. If your home lacks built-in ductwork, you’ll need a heat pump, boiler, fireplace, wood stove, or pellet stove to heat your home in the winter. All of these units have different maintenance needs, heating abilities, and operating costs.

Signs You May Need A New Furnace

Even though furnaces can last up to twenty years, eventually they will wear out and need to be replaced. A trained professional will advise you on the best furnace to meet your home’s heating needs. An expert will take measurements within your home to figure out what size of furnace is needed. Taking measurements is especially important if your home’s square footage has increased since your current furnace was installed.

Having the appropriate unit can make a big difference on the energy efficiency of the machine, as well as the overall cost of operating. There are some signs that you can check to know if your unit is already near its end life. Some of the most common signs of this are higher energy bills, frequent repairs and strange smells or noises.

It may be possible to repair your current furnace problem and delay having to replace the unit. An expert can check out the problems with it and make an accurate diagnosis based on his inspection. Sometimes, if a unit approaches the 20-year mark, replacing rather than repairing may be more cost-effective.

Even with consistent maintenance, a furnace will lose its efficiency over time. The regular repair and maintenance can be helpful to increase the lifespan of the furnace with efficient working, but it can eventually wear out. Homeowners who replace their old unit with a new one will see a significant difference in their heating bills. The money you’ll save by not having to make frequent repairs to an older furnace will help offset the cost of replacing it.

If there is carbon monoxide near the unit this is serious health hazard to your home that needs immediate attention. Carbon monoxide is present in a gas furnace when it produces red flames instead of blue ones. If there is a carbon monoxide leak then this may cause the people in the home to have nausea, frequent headaches and flu-like symptoms.

Unless you call in a professional as soon as you become aware of a leak, it will only get worse. Your family’s health will improve when you replace an old, malfunctioning furnace.