Twin Falls Air Conditioning Services

Experts not only complete repair services for air conditioning units, but they also perform routine maintenance to prevent future problems from occurring. It is recommended that air conditioning units be annually serviced, preferably before the season reaches peak temperatures. Unfortunately if there are faults and things that are not right with your air conditioner, then the hotter temperatures will certainly lead to the device failing and burning out extremely quickly.

Professionals performing air condition services will:

  • replace or clean the air filter
  • straighten coil fins
  • look for safety hazards, clean the coils
  • remove debris from in and around the unit
  • measuring refrigerant liquid levels
  • checking for leaks
  • recalibrating the thermostat

These experts are knowledgeable about everything regarding air conditioning so they know how to deal with any problem with it. Aside from that, they know how to do any AC work that meets safety standards. They will get your home working once more, and they will explain how you can help keep it that way.

When should you call a professional?

There are some issues with an AC unit that are plain to see while some are subtle. While there are some repairs on it that the homeowner may fix, there are many more that need to be taken care of by the professionals. An AC technician has the skills, experience, and tools to get your AC working properly without making a costly mistake. Here are a few indicating factors that determine that it’s a perfect time to call an expert.

Home is too hot

If your home is still too warm after you’ve closed shades and curtains to block sunlight and the air conditioner has been running all day, you may have a problem on your hands. Any time you feel hot air, not cool, coming from your AC, it’s time to reach out to a professional to address the problem.

There are uneven temperatures throughout the home

Heat does have a tendency to rise, leaving upper floors a little bit hotter than other areas. Significant disparities in temperature across the house, however, can be a sign that something is amiss with filters, ductwork, or vents. Air filters are easy for homeowners to swap out themselves, but a professional should always do the cleaning and checking ductwork.

Energy bills are extraordinarily high

When you have a high energy bill then this means that the unit is doubly working hard. The reasons could be that there’s a new crack in a window or door seal that needs to be fixed or things like dirty air conditioning coils even a tear in the ductwork could be the cause. You can have an AC services professional look at its potential problems and find a solution to it.

There is restricted airflow

Weak ventilation doesn’t cool down the house. A certified expert can give your compressor a look or determine if there’s a problem with the conduits.

The thermostat is not working

Out of all the frustrating and annoying things which exist in the world, there is one thing that is even more frustrating than anything and everything else. This is when your air conditioner is actually working well but the only thing which is not working is the thermostat. Fortunately, you can count on a professional to get things taken care of with a quick inspection of the wires, recalibration, or even just a simple repair.

You experience loud noises or bad smells

If you hear a scratching or grinding noise coming from your AC unit, that is cause for concern and you should contact a repair expert right away. They are able to make repairs to the belt or any other broken parts before worse damage happens. An unpleasant odor is another common sign that something may be wrong with your air conditioner. The AC expert will find out if this was caused by burnt wires or mold.

The unit is leaking

If you find out that there is a liquid that is leaking from the unit, you need to put a call through to the professionals immediately. While breaks can once in a while originate from water buildup tube splits, they frequently include harmful refrigerant fluid. When a unit leaks this is an immediate cause for concern and needs to be repaired immediately by a professional.