Dallas, TX New Residential Roofing Services

We take roofing very seriously as it is the home’s first line of defense against the forces of nature. Our well-trained and certified specialists will provide expert, timely responses to all of your roofing needs. When you are in need of roofing service, our team of professionals roofers are on standby to help anyone in need. As specialists, we pride ourselves in making sure that you and your family are safe and secure in all your roofing demands.

When deciding the products to use for roofing, many believe that roofs are just shingles; that is incorrect, however, as roofing involves more than just that. We choose high-caliber roofing products from different renowned companies. You’ll gain confidence by reading the amazing reviews about the products we use, most of which come with warranties that can be printed and filed.

Higher-quality materials ensure that our roofing specialists can assemble roofs that are functional as a single network. This can ensure a long-lasting roof with minimal to no issues. If you are worried about what shape your roof is in, give us a call and speak to one of our experts.

New Construction?

If you are wanting a fresh new look, a new roof installation gives you a chance for that new look. Assistance in designing the roof that matches your plans for a new home from scratch can be provided by our team.

Underlayment, Vents & Gutters

An underlayment of tar paper or roofing felt provides an essential layer of protection in between your decking and rain that’s driven nearly horizontally by the wind. The right style is important, but so is proper installation, insulation and ventilation. We make it as easy as possible on the homeowner when we’re doing work on their home.

Installation Work

If you’re planning to put siding on your home, hiring a reputable siding installation company will ensure that the job is done right and meets warranty requirements. We have the experience and the training and highly skilled professionals to handle your siding job.

Each part of the roof setup process is closely tested for quality assurance by the on-site manager: the wooden ceiling is safely installed using the correct nails in the appropriate density. If your roof needs extra support for heavier types of roofing, our architects and engineers will make sure it’s done to code.

Our experienced team puts a premium on customer service in everything we do, and we are always striving to go beyond our clients’ expectations. Regardless if it’s a small or large project to undertake, we are able to assist you. We’re eager to hear from you and learn about your situation and how we can help.