whittier, CA Professional Slab Repair

It may be challenging to find out if there is a slab leak in your home but once you find one you need to have a professional fix it right away. There are signs around your home that may be an indication of a slab leak: excessively high water bills, weak water pressure, the persistent presence of mold, and water visibly present around the home’s foundation. A technician who is an expert in slab repair can fix the leak quickly and professionally.

There are a couple of places where a slab leak can come from, and it’s usually not that easy to find without the specially designed equipment. Fortunately, a trained professional can locate the source of a slab leak and will recommend a solution that will prevent damage to the home’s foundation.

What is involved with slab repair?

Different factors can cause a slab leak. The kind of slab repairment depends on the kind of leakage. Rust in copper pipes, wrongly placed water pipes, pipe damage or ground shifting are all reasons that cause slab leaks.

Soil could cause a chemical reaction to happen when it comes in contact with copper pipes over an extended period of time. That reaction leads to corrosion on the pipes, which in turn can lead to a leak. There are other things that homeowners need to be concerned about aside from soil. Other things, such as concrete, gravel, and rocks can result in damage if pipes shift or expand into these surfaces.

The abrasions that are found in surrounding ground material may be the cause of leaks. Ground shifting can increase the number of abrasions there and also damage the pipes underneath the foundation.

The bad news is that environmental factors such as earthquakes could damage the piping too. However, if the pipes are installed incorrectly from the start, or damage is caused because of the construction, then the pipes basically fail before they even start. While constructing a home, it’s not uncommon for some materials to obtain incidental damages. Some types of damage could actually prevent the pipes from working at all or potentially lead to a leak in the future.

When a pipe does not have insulation this can cause its future damage. If you do not have knowledge of how your home was built then it may be challenging for you to know when you will have a slab leak in the future. When it happens, you need to take a look at such factors and resolve them so that you prevent them from happening again.

Homeowners rarely pay any attention to their house’s foundation unless they spot a problem, and a slab leak can go undiscovered for such a long time that damage may have already been done. People who live in areas where there are frequent ground shifts should check their foundation periodically for signs of leaking pipes.

It is often difficult to determine if there was improper installation of your pipes until you encounter an issue with it. But it is highly important that you have this problem immediately fixed by a professional.

When you neglect a slab leak this can lead your home to have mold issues, termite infestations and foundation erosion. A slab repair technician can help identify leak sources and recommend the best solution for immediate repair. Repairing a slab leak can easily balloon up in cost depending on different factors.

A plumber will be able to provide different solutions and give an estimated cost so the homeowner can make a clear decision on how to go about repairing their slab leak. The following may be required of professional technicians on the job.

Jackhammer the slab

Jackhammering through the slab may be necessary in order to get a good visual on the slab leak. This is also an easy way to locate the leak’s source and replace the copper pipes directly if necessary. This process may also be the least expensive way of repairing a slab leak.

Reroute water lines

When a pipe that runs under expensive flooring develops a leak, it may be more cost effective to have a plumber reroute that line rather than tear up the floor to replace it. The wasteful pipe may remain in walls or the ground but water would not flow through them after rerouting is complete.

Home insurance may not include replacing pipes, though it might include tearing up and refinishing the foundation of the structure. Repairs to slab leaks usually will not be covered if a known leak has been ignored and caused damage over time. Once you spot a slab leak, it is important to call a professional immediately so the damage doesn’t go beyond repair.