Expert Roofing Repair Services

It’s very intimidating for the common household to think about the costs incurred with a full roof replacement. Thankfully, you’re not going to have to spend a ton of money on a complete replacement. Instead, there are a variety of things you can do to avoid this expense. Solutions homeowners can take care of their roofs include carrying out basic repairs to avoid minor problems escalating to the point of no return and maintaining adequate insurance to take care of the larger repairs.

We will always give our honest opinions and give you the best options to ensure that your home will survive the elements. Our team will try our best to conduct our inspections and repairs down to the minute details, ensuring you and your family will be comfortable inside your home during bad weather.

Common Causes of Damage

Damage can come in may shape and sizes when we least expect it. Other forms of damage can lay undetected by the untrained eye, but our specialists have been trained to detect them. This makes sure that even the tiniest damage is detected and fixed before it becomes worse. We can match nearly any roofing materials and our specialists work on even steeply sloping roofs. Our team performs potential damage risk assessments that are accepted by most big insurance companies.

Some of the common types of damage are:

  • Tree Damage – During storms, falling trees can damage your roof requiring extensive repair or replacement
  • Clogged Gutters – When the gutters on your home become clogged with leaf litter, it may cause an overflow and cause damage to the roof, siding, and the home’s foundation if the problem is not resolved
  • Animal Damage – Animals can claw their way into your home’s structure and gnaw away at the roof’s foundation, causing extensive damage
  • Storm Damage – Rain, snow, wind, and hail can cause layers of shingles to tear off or to break through the granular covering, exposing the home’s structure underneath it and blistering, wearing-down, and erosion can occur if left alone
  • Weak, Vulnerable Areas – Several vents and outlets such as skylights protrude through the roof of your house and can become the source of leaks leading to damage within the roof area as well as in the interior of the home
  • Chimney Flashing – The sheet metal installed for the purpose of ensuring that the connection between the chimney and roof, can over time allow for water leakage

Types of Roof Repair

  • Shingle – Replacing the shingles removed by weather damage
  • Slate – Great protection against weather damage, but can break if hit hard enough by debris
  • Tile – Hail storms cause tile to crack, letting rainwater inside, damaging the interior of the home

No matter what the reason is for roof leaks, it is a great idea to have it checked immediately. You could end up spending more if the damage spreads and the minor leak becomes a major problem and it can lead to requiring a full replacement. Leaks can cause your building’s structure to warp, swell and eventually break down from rot and this also harbors mold and mildew which can be very dangerous. Mold and mildew can create serious health concerns for people inside, reducing air quality, triggering allergies, and creating respiratory issues.

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