Professional Water Heater Services in South San Francisco, California

Anyone who has had a water heater issue knows how inconvenient it can be in a household. Most appliances use hot water, and cold showers are extremely unpleasant. Aside from causing a stop to the many activities that are done in the home, a hot water heater that is broken can cause floor damage.

An emergency water heater repair would need the skills and knowledge of an expert for it to be fixed. If there is a leak in your water heater or it is malfunctioning, then you need to contact immediately a professional.

Common Problems With Water Heaters

A water heater should be able to produce hot water each day that is consistent in amount. In case you notice any change in the consistency of your water heater or any other issues related to it, you should address it immediately and get professional help. Some issues that homeowners may have with their hot water heaters are smelly water, loud noises, leaking unit, and discolored water.

No Hot Water

When no hot water is supplied to the home by the heater this can be traced to different issues. With a gas unit, the possible causes are lack of gas flow, malfunctioning thermocouple, and the pilot light not igniting. If it’s an electric heater, perhaps the breaker was tripped, a heating element could have failed, or a thermostat switch may not be functioning properly. It is the professional that can determine the actual cause of the problem and repair them.

Little Hot Water

If it appears that the home always runs out of hot water, the tank could be too small for the needs of the home or there could be a defective part that needs to be replaced. There are times when the thermostat may need to be raised such as during the season of winter. As always, a professional can pinpoint and solve the problem.

Discolored Water

If you notice discolored water, that can be a sign of a problem. If the water looks rust-colored, that could signal corrosion on the anode rod. Getting the anode rod replaced should clear the issue up fairly quickly. If it is not immediately replaced then this could lead to a leak and even a total replacement after some time.

When you see dirty but not rusty water coming from a faucet, it could be due to the buildup of mineral scale on the heating elements. Having your hot water heater serviced regularly will prevent minerals from building up the heating elements and affecting the unit’s efficiency.

Smelly Water

If your tap water smells like sulfur, there are likely bacteria in it. This problem can be resolved by simply removing the old and reinstalling a new anode rod. The unit is also heated to 140 degrees so that the remaining bacteria will be killed off.

Strange Noises

Weird noises, like popping, banging. hissing, or knocking, can signal a buildup of minerals inside the water heater tank or on its heating elements. Mineral deposits are a common cause of inefficient heating and can cause leaking if the buildup is inside the tank.


If a unit is leaking, that is almost always a bad sign that something is wrong. Loose pipes or a failed valve may be responsible for your water heater leaking from the top. Over-pressurization, condensation, loose drain valve, or corrosion in the tank itself can indicate a problem from the bottom. A tank that is cracked or corroded may warrant a complete replacement.

Replacement and Installation

Often problems occurring in new water heaters may be relatively simple and easy to fix. An older unit can start to have more problems because of worn-out or discolored parts. Water heaters that are ten years of age or older may have to be replaced once they start having issues. Newer units not only require fewer repairs but often create lower utility bills due to their efficiency compared to older units.

When your water heater needs to be replaced, you can speak with a technician to learn about your options and determine the best fit for your home. The only limit you may face is your energy source because some homes are only fitted for gas or electric. Homeowners may also see the new tankless units to see if these models would be enough to meet their needs.