Slab Leak Repairs In South San Francisco California

It may be difficult to detect slab leaks but if you find one it is crucial that you address it right away. These are some of the common signs of a slab leak; high water bills, low water pressure, mold problems, or excess water around the home’s foundation. An expert in slab repair can resolve the issue no matter where the origin of the problem is.

It can be difficult to determine the location of the slab leak without specialized tools. A technician can easily determine the location and discuss a solution with the homeowner.

How Slab Leak Is Repaired?

There are different factors that can cause slab leaks in a home. The type of repair that will be done on your slab is dependent on the kind of leak that it has. Slab leaks can be caused by soil corrosion on copper pipes, pipe damage from construction or remodeling jobs, improper installation of pipes, or shifting ground and foundation.

Prolonged contact between soil and copper pipes can cause a chemical reaction. The result of that chemical reaction is corrosion, which often leads to leaks. Soil isn’t the only component homeowners need to stress over, in any case. Other things, such as concrete, gravel, and rocks can result in damage if pipes shift or expand into these surfaces.

Abrasions from the surrounding soil material can also cause leaks to form. When the ground shifts this can heighten the risk for pipe abrasions and damage.

In addition to environmental factors that can cause problems with the pipes, damage from construction or improper installation could have jeopardized the pipes from the start. Some materials will likely sustain incidental damages during home renovations and construction. However, some kinds of damage to those pipes might prevent them from functioning, and they can even contribute to future leaks down the road.

Further damage can be done by a lack of insulation around the pipe, as the unprotected pipe can expand in size or cause friction to other pipes, damaging both. The more you know about the way your house was built, the easier to gauge whether or not you’ll likely have a slab leak at some point. When you find one, it is necessary that you look at its possible causes.

Unfortunately, since most homeowners don’t check on their home’s foundation very often, a slab leak can go undetected until the damage has been done. It is important to conduct regular inspections of the foundation and piping, checking for leaks, especially if the home is built on ground that often shifts or moves.

Until a problem occurs, it is often impossible to tell if the pipes were inappropriately installed. But it is important to have it immediately resolved by an expert the soonest to avoid getting more damage from it.

A neglected slab leak can warrant extensive repairs, as it may lead to mold in the home, termite infestations, or an eroded foundation. A technician who specializes in slab repairs can investigate the leak’s source and determine a plan of action for repairing it. However, slab repairs can be very expensive but this is dependent on various factors.

A professional can explain to you the different possible solutions to it and its corresponding cost. A technician’s responsibilities may include the following.

Jackhammer the slab

A specialist may need to jackhammer through the slab to get a good view of the slab leakage. By doing this, they can find the source of the leak and replace the copper pipes as needed. Surprisingly, this can often be the least expensive repair solution.

Reroute water lines

In case where the leak is in a pipe that’s under expensive flooring or fixtures, it’s less expensive for a repairman to reroute existing water lines instead of replacing the pipes. In the case of rerouting, the damaged pipes may be left in walls or flooring as they will do no more harm since water will no longer be running through them.

While your insurance coverage might allow for foundation issues, it may not include reimbursement for getting new pipes. If you know that there is a slab leak and you decide to ignore this, then the chances are very high that your insurance will refuse to cover this. If you experience water damage because of this leak and you have ignored it, then you won’t get covered. If you even suspect a slab leak, call in a professional right away, before the problem can get any worse.